Hips appear wide because of fat accumulation. There are some people who have naturally wide hips owing to their genetic makeup. You cannot narrow down the bones if they are placed wide at the hips. Therefore, if you have naturally wide hips you have to live with it. However, you can reduce fat that accumulate around your hips and give them a slim look. How to attain slim hips?

Focusing on just one area for reducing the fat will not help you achieve the target. You need to aim at losing weight on the whole. If you are not sure about losing weight on your own, you sign up for safe weight loss programs like Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, etc. Nutrisystem has diet plans for men, women, diabetics and vegetarians. If you do not want to give up any of your favorites, Nutrisystem has over 150 meal choices where you will not face dearth of your favorites. Weight Watchers permits you to have any kind of food and assigns a point value to each of them based on their nutrition level. To determine the suitable plan for you read the pros and cons of both the programs thoroughly.

To get lean hips do cardio workouts for at least five days in a week. The fitness activities like cycling, running, swimming and jumping on a trampoline help you burn good amount of calories. When you combine your fitness routine with an effective diet you will be able to trim your hips as quickly as possible. By choosing low calorie foods you will be able to lose weight and also feel full for a longer time. It is suggested that you perform a few muscle toning exercises and building exercises that help in toning your hips and making it look firm. Exercises like leg lifts, lunges and squats help you strengthen your hips. When performing hip toning exercises hold weights in your arms for increasing the intensity of your workouts.