A women’s handbag is essentially used to carry all the personal items that are required and is also used to make a fashion statement. Handbags come in different sizes and depending on their shape, are called different names.

When choosing a handbag there are some basic factors one must consider:

  1. Occasion:

You must think about where you are going to use the bag. Certain bags have a casual look about them and would not complement the occasion especially if you need the bag for a formal event.

  1. Budget:

Keeping a budget in mind is necessary so you don’t go overboard with your expenses. Buying a bag manufactured by a well-known brand can assure you of quality but it might not be an affordable option for many. In such cases, you might have to look for cheaper options that could balance quality and budget both.

  1. Body shape:

This is an extremely important factor that most women do not think about. A handbag could be the perfect accessory to accentuate your best features and complement your body shape.

The overall look of a person is greatly determined by the shape, size, and length of the handbag they carry.

  • Shape: The shape of the handbag should ideally be opposite of the person who carries it. Women with a short body frame would look taller if they carried a long and rectangular handbag.
  • Size: The size of a person’s handbag should be in proportion to the body type. Taller women look great with a large or oversized style of bag.
  • Length: The length of the bag is determined by where the bottom of the bag hits the person’s body. Since it tends to emphasize that area, you must carry a bag that does not draw attention to the areas you are conscious about.

A handbag can influence your look and help to make it look complete. Whether you choose a branded handbag like one among the many expensive YSL purses or a cheaper option, remember to carry it with confidence. This will ensure your look will never go out of style.