Sex toys as many of us have wrongly understood and misinterpreted, are not just toys or gadgets that help in giving pleasure to a person in the absence of his or her partner or for those with a single status. But these can also be used by couples during the act. There are many different varieties and few of them are mere attractors more than serving any other purpose. There are specially designed bras and panties for women, a jockey from men, penile locks for men, plugs for women etc and all these need not necessarily be used when a person is alone but can also be used as a method of alluring the opposite gender. Imagine walking with a butt in front of your partner; this is definitely going to make him fall on you on the bed and that is it, it is time for the final and the ultimate act. The main purpose of any sex toy is to deliver and grant that pleasure which a man would give a woman and vice versa. By using these sex toys like the butt plugs you are trying to make the act more attractive and interesting. And this is like adding flavors to your cake wherein you get to enjoy the same piece with a slight difference and surprise in it.

Loveplugs are one very popular website that talks about all these exclusively. You may not find many similar websites because this is still considered a very concealed and confidential topic by many. There are sex toy shops slowly coming up these days and people have understood the importance of being close to their partners and also being satisfied sexually. So this is no more an ear-biting topic but something to be discussed and clarified with the spouses for better and enhanced relationships.